The Committees of Concussion in Sport Group, Inc

Below are the current committees for Concussion in Sport Group, Inc. More information will be added to this page as it becomes available.


Chair: Kathryn Schneider

To recognize and honour the contributions of scientists and clinicians contributing to the international body of work in sport-related concussion.  Responsibilities include: Development of CISG award categories, criteria for recommendations for awards and process for review of award nominees.  Participate in the ongoing process of receiving award nominations, facilitating review of award nominations and preparation of award statements for recipients.


Chair: Donna Broshek

To plan, guide, execute, and provide oversight for the distribution and communication of CISG news and information to the membership, stakeholders, and the public. Responsibilities include (a) continued development and monitoring of the CISG website, (b) creating CISG social media platforms, disseminating CISG news via these platforms, and monitoring of CISG-related social media content, (c) developing and identifying public-facing information/educational materials in collaboration with the Education Committee and disseminating these materials via the CISG website and social media platforms.


Chair: Christopher Giza

To make -to-date, accurate information about sport-related concussion and brain health in sport widely available, by (a) operating with and emphasizing the values of diversity, respect, transparency, integrity and fairness, (b) facilitating access to and providing evidence-based educational resources to CISG membership, through the website and educational meetings, (c) advising and assisting in developing the scientific and educational program for the CISG group, (d) developing and coordinating outreach and information to other stakeholders and the general public, and (e) supporting and growing young, informed stakeholders in the field.


Chair: Christina Master

Receive nominations for elected CISG positions and canvass the membership for nominations of qualified individuals for elected positions. Obtain nomination statements from each nominee/candidate, determine that they meet criteria for serving in the role for which they seek nomination, and verify that they will accept the position if elected. The committee will work with the Secretary to distribute nominee information to membership for review prior to distribution of the election ballots. The current BOD will serve as the Election Committee until such time as the committee is formally constituted.


Chair: Jon Patricios 

To oversee and guide the Corporation regarding the financial operations and fiscal responsibilities of the Corporation, to promote the financial growth, strength, and welfare of the Corporation for the benefit of its general membership, and to assist the Treasurer upon request in completing specific financial tasks; to receive and review the annual financial report from the Treasurer before submitting to the Board and General Assembly.


Chair: Jamie Pardini 

Promote, recruit and accept applications for the organization.  Review application materials and respond to applicants.  Communicate application vetting to relevant groups within the organization.  Assist the Treasurer in identifying when member dues need to be collected and the collection of such dues.


Co-Chairs: Steven Broglio & Kathryn Schneider

To promote the advancement and dissemination of high-quality scientific research and recommendations for clinical practice with a focus on sport-related concussion.  Responsibilities include: to facilitate cross-disciplinary collaboration, support the rigorous documentation of scientific exploration and syntheses to inform recommendations for the care of all athletes at risk of or who have sustained a concussion, and ensure that findings are communicated effectively within academic and clinical communities and to the general public. Promote knowledge translation, best clinical practice and the advancement of science.

SRC Tools

Chair: Jon Patricios

To oversee applications for translations, cultural adaptations and electronic versions of the concussion “tools” (CRT6TM, SCAT6®, Child SCAT6®, SCOAT6TM and Child SCOAT6TM) on behalf of CISG and BJSM in accordance with the CISG guidelines (Translating and Adapting the CISG Tools to Languages other than English – Rationale for Regulating; Application Procedure for CISG Approval for Reproduction or Adaptation of the CISG Tools) and to ensure that the tools and any subsequent modified  versions of the tools remain accessible free of charge.