The CISG Mission

Since 2002 the Concussion in Sport Group (CISG) has worked to analyze, aggregate, and interpret the world’s scientific literature for the evaluation, management, and prevention of sports-related concussion. Central to this process is the development of the Sports Concussion Assessment Tools (SCAT)® .

A quadrennial international conference for concussion in sport has served as the primary forum for disseminating the scientific evidence from the prior 4 year cycle by presenting the results of the scientific reviews, the  SCAT®  tools, and the synthesis of all the data as a Consensus statement, which has served to guide the care of athletes of all ages and at all levels of play who are at risk for concussion.

The CISG Mission Statement

To enhance the science and practice of health management as it relates to sport-related concussion, to develop evidence-informed recommendations for the prevention, evaluation and management of SRC, to create and disseminate best practice clinical assessment and management tools for SRC, and to freely provide and manage clinical tools, statements and educational programs worldwide that can be adapted to cultural and geographic contexts, appropriate for all ages, sexes & levels of play