2024 Board of Director Elections

2024 Board of Directors Elections

Ballots for the 2024 CISG Board of Directors will be sent via email to all active full members of CISG on 16 November, 2023 and must be completed by 30 November, 2023, at which time the election will close (click here for details on the nomination and election process). If you are a full member and have not received your ballot by the end of the day on 16 November please contact: info@concussioninsportgroup.com

Slate of Candidates

President-elect (Choose one)

Steve Broglio (USA) Candidate Statement

Secretary (Choose one)

Kathryn Schneider (Canada) Candidate Statement

Member-at-Large - International (Choose one)

Vicki Anderson (Australia) Candidate Statement

David Maddocks (Australia) Candidate Statement

Niklas Marklund (Sweden) Candidate Statement

Member-at-Large - USA (Choose one)

Jaime Pardini (USA) Candidate Statement

Nicholas Port (USA) Candidate Statement

Margot Putukian (USA) Candidate Statement